Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dear girls,

Dear girls,

You are more than your body.

Last spring, I lived with my parents and commuted to school.  One day after class, I decided to walk across a bit of grass along the road instead of the sidewalk, because I like grass.  About half way down the block, I saw little violets peeking out from under the blades of grass.  I love finding random flowers, so I picked one and kept walking. After I took several steps, this thought ran through my mind.
“If this flower were human, she would say she is ugly.”

I literally stopped walking and stared at the flower for a couple minutes.  I was totally confused and heartbroken that such a beautiful plant couldn’t see its own beauty.  And then I started to understand.

Girls, how often do we get compliments about how we look and then turn them down, whether it’s in our heads or verbally?  How often do we look in the mirror and think, “If only ----- ”, you fill in the blank.  How often do we see other girls and wish we looked like them?  How often do we compare our physical “weaknesses” with their “strengths”?

You are more than your body.

The media has crammed down our throats that we can only be pretty if we have this hair, or these eyes, or those lips, hips, legs, you name it!  But they are wrong!!!  I know that you know it in your mind.  I’ve understood it logically for years, but I’m still fighting to feel it in my heart and it’s hard!  It’s so hard to feel beautiful in a world of photo-shopped models, pornography, and Pinterest.  (I’m not saying Pinterest is bad, but have you seen the images if you try to search “beauty”, “make up”, or “hair”?  I can’t look for new styling ideas for my hair without feeling like a total hobo afterwards.  And it’s just hair!)

Think about someone that you know personally and look up to.  Why do you look up to them?  What is it about them that inspires you, or encourages you, or helps you feel better about yourself?

Girls, beauty, real beauty isn’t about your body.  It’s about you.  It’s your personality, your talents, you passions, your fears.  Everything that makes you who you are is what makes you beautiful.  Yes, even your fears.  I don’t like that one either, but I’m finding that fears are a big part of who I am and who I can become.

You are more than your body!

Stop tearing yourself down.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  Stop focusing on your physical “flaws”.  For that matter, stop focusing on your “flaws” at all.  Yes, we have habits that could use some changing.  Maybe we do need to learn how to take care of our body better.  But don’t let these things become your preoccupation, because all it will do is blind you to your beauty and the beauty around you.

Because you are BEAUTIFUL!  In this world of screaming opinions and ideals, don’t ever forget who you are.  You are a daughter of God, and your potential is unlimited.

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