Saturday, May 17, 2014

My dog, Lord Voldemort

Jordan and I had been watching KSL like hawks for a small dog that was reasonably priced when we found Morty.  Through perfect luck, the owners were going to bring him to Kaysville the same day Jordan was going there instead of the 14 hour round trip it would have been.  We decided to name him Morty, which is short for Lord Voldemort.  We thought it was clever.  Ha!   

He is the cutest dog in the entire world!  A McNab Decker terrier cross, he was small, mostly black with a white nose, paws and stomach, with brown patches over his eyes.  When we got him, he was 3 months old.  That night, we took him for a walk to the temple and back, a good 2 mile walk.  It was obviously his first time on a leash, but he caught on quick.  Since he walked faster than us, he’d walk a ways then wait until we had just passed him, then start walking again.  He did that over and over again, and it was so cute.  

He cried a little bit at bed time, and at 2 in the morning.  Jordan took him out then, but Morty wouldn't fall asleep.  Finally, I curled in front of his kennel and he stopped barking.  The floor isn't very comfortable, though, so I fluffed my blanket and put that in front of him and climbed back into bed.  Since he thought I was right there with him, he didn't cry again all night long.  It was lovely.  

The next morning, I took him for a walk around the block.  Even though he was young, he was the perfect jogging buddy, and stayed with me perfectly.  However, when we got home, I tried to get him to come play with me on the lawn.  He panicked, and pulled me towards the door of our apartment.  I didn’t hesitate to follow him.  That morning was the first time I was prompted to to be extra careful due to some unknown danger.  He was my first cue. 

Our apartment didn’t allow dogs, so we had to take him to my parent’s house the next day.  They agreed to watch him until we moved into our next apartment, which would let us keep him in the yard.  When we would go to work, we’d stop by after and play with him, though my sisters were able to spend much more time with him than I was. 

We took him to a park next to the river, and he was perfect!  Without a leash, he explored all around us, but would follow us without hesitation. 

Morty loved to chew on things.  We weren’t sure if it was because he was teething or not, but he couldn’t stay in my parent’s house for long due to this habit.  He was so small that a cord tied to a small chunk of a cinder block would keep him in one area.  Eventually, he was moved into a kennel with one of the my parent’s puppies. 

Jordan loved to get him to howl.  We’d gather in a circle around Morty and howl, and he’d freak out.  First, he’d run in circles around us, then bark and on a rare occasion howl for a second or two.  It wasn’t very often, but it was so cute, because he was so eager to do what we were doing.  From the get go, he enjoyed being with people much more than with other dogs.  With my parent’s dogs, he tried to act much bigger than he was.  If a person came outside, though, he’d run up to them and jump straight up in the air beside them, bouncing until they said hello.  If they ignored him, he’d just keep going.

I tried to teach him how to play fetch.  He was really good at chasing ANYTHING that I threw, whether it was a handful of grass or a branch.  It was the rest of the game that he didn’t understand yet and that I was trying to teach him.  He never growled at me, though, and once I caught him, he would drop whatever it was so that I could throw it again.

I was planning on going to my parent's while Jordan worked on Wednesday.  As I got everything ready that morning, I felt very strongly that I should stay in Logan, though I didn’t get an answer to why I should.  At one point, I remember opening my phone and seeing the picture with Jordan and Morty that I had as my screen saver and feeling so very happy that he was my dog. 

While I was at my brother and sister-in-law’s house, my mom called to tell me that Morty had died.  In trying to get out of his kennel, he had gotten tangled in some bailing twine, and she had just barely found him.  And like that, my dog was gone.

I kept crying after I found out.  Jordan was super confused by my reaction because we hadn't had Morty for very long at all.  I guess I was sad because I didn't have a chance to care for him like I had planned.  He was going to be my running buddy, and I was going to teach him all sorts of tricks, and I was so excited that Jordan and I were going to have our own dog and I would have something to care for and hold, even though Morty was terrible at cuddling.   

Today, I feel a calm that I wasn't able to feel immediately after.  It was an accident.  I don't have to feel silly for crying.  I feel strongly that Heavenly Father knew it could happen, and warned me to not be there when it did.  As much as it hurts that Morty died, it would have been much worse if I had been the one to find him.  I don't think that God caused this.  We live in a mortal world where good and bad things happen.  God knows me, and helped me be in a place where my pain would be less.

I have a couple pictures of Morty, but I can't figure out how to get them off my phone.  (I'm not a very tech savy person, just ask Jordan or my brothers.)  I'll post them on here as soon as I can so that you can see just how cute He was. 

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  1. Oh no, Kylie, I'm so sorry! I always got really upset whenever a pet died when I was little. He sounds like he was a wonderful dog.